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About Crystal Logic

This is not a "regular" blog, a website, web-whatever, a place for advertising or anything alike. This is a place where I write about bands that I like since forever, or new artists that deserve to be heard (at least the moment I was into their art). This is a place where I am writing and expanding in public some thoughts, ideas and concerns about art, music and the industry involved.

Please, keep in mind that I do reviews very rarely and present only bands that fit in my taste. I never ask for free promos and always buy the physical release of the artists that I like and present them through Crystal Logic. Since some people are asking, for those who want to send something on their own, below is the contact info, but I don't guarantee a presentation.

Crystal Logic / Andreas Andreou
P.O. Box 3081
10210 Athens

About Andreas Andreou

Born in 1977 and raised with the sounds of the heavy metal and hard rock legends. Currently working at No Remorse Records (since 2011), in the past he has written for magazines and newspapers about the art of film, while working for construction companies. 
Dead serious and happiest with a cup of coffee and music on the go, he is also writing for UK-based Iron Fist magazine (music) and tetartopress (cinema).

Never surrender, be well and praise Iommi.