Τετάρτη 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Up The Hammers Special Edition Chapter II

The countdown has begun...
for Up The Hammers Special Edition Chapter II at October 14, 2012, at Kyttaro Live Club (Ipeirou 48, Athens)

For this event, the might Manilla Road will perform a special 3 hours set, including the album "Open The Gates" in its entirety. 

Running order:
Doors open 18:00
Midnight Priest 18:15 – 18:50
War Dance 19:05 – 19:40
Etrusgrave 19:55 – 20:30
Dark Nightmare 20:45– 21:25
Manilla Road 21:45 - end

Ticket Price: 30 euro
Presale: Ticket House, No Remorse, Sirens Records

Up The Hammers organizer's announcement:
"Up The Hammers Festival, starting from October 14, will forbid the use of iPhones, Smartphones and any kind of cameras. We are not against technology but someone must make a move to stop the madness. You can enjoy the gig without posting on Facebook a video the second after you get out the venue. We need your support in that and respect our decision."

For those who are interested, visit HERE to preorder the festival t-shirt for a discounted Facebook presale for 12 euro instead of 15 euro at the festival. Make a post with the size required and your real name and get it at the festival. No need to pay in advance, just get what you ordered, but "attend" only if you really will be there to get your t-shirt.

Πέμπτη 20 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012


SONS OF A DREAM MUSIC LLC official announcement:

SONS OF A DREAM MUSIC LLC is pleased to announce the worldwide re-release of Warlord’s “Deliver Us” in order to celebrate its 30th Anniversary.

“Deliver Us’, one of the most influential releases in the history of Heavy Metal music, underwent copious restoration and remastering in order to be presented in its intended form. For the first time in almost 30 years, SONS OF A DREAM MUSIC LLC had access to the original ¼ tape masters and will present the album in its entirety (including the often overlooked, speed-infused epic “Mrs. Victoria”) unlike the original US release. Not stopping at the audio quality, the now-classic cover also went through an extensive restoration and will be presented in all its canvas-quality glory.

The album will be offered on September 30th, 2012, initially via iTunes in special “Mastered for iTunes” DigitalLP format, AmazonMP3, eMusic, GooglePlay, Zune Marketplace and other major e-tailers worldwide.
CD as well LP releases will follow soon thereafter.

This SONS OF A DREAM MUSIC LLC release, marks the first in a series of Warlord releases that will bring the glory of Warlord’s music to the 21th century, making all their music available once again and allowing a new generation of fans to be exposed to the haunting melodies of William J Tsamis and thundering drumming of Mark Zonder.

Fully following William J Tsamis and Mark Zonder’s wishes, SONS OF A DREAM MUSIC LLC will price all releases in all formats competitively, allowing fans with limited budget access to these otherwise unreachable until now epic works.

SONS OF A DREAM MUSIC LLC, listening to fans requests, is currently working to secure the best possible physical distribution in order to make CDs and LPs available to as many fans as possible.

For more information regarding SONS OF A DREAM MUSIC LLC, William J Tsamis, Mark Zonder, interview requests and media kits, email Warlord Management / SONS OF A DREAM MUSIC LLC attn: Phoebus Dokos at: warlordmanagement@gmail.com

For the confirmed 2013 Warlord live shows, click on the photo:

On other news, during November it will be released for first time officially from No Remorse Records on CD format (limited to 500 copies) the personal project of William J Tsamis called "Sea of Tranquility". It was recorded during 1993-1994 and was originally spread back then among very few friends of William J Tsamis via mail. "Sea of Tranquility" contains keyboards' recordings in New Age style and among these songs there are some melodies that later were used in Lordian Guard songs. William J Tsamis considers this music as the music of his heart and in the booklet of the CD release, there will be detailed written all the story behind it's creation and the time William J Tsamis compose it. The remaster of these songs is already completed by Nick Papakostas at Entasis Studio.

"Sea of Tranquility was written during a time of great despair in my life - indeed during a time of deep contemplation. It is music for the contemplative listener and music for the inspiration. I have always told people that if they truly want to understand who I am, then they should listen carefully to Sea of Tranquility. It is within those compositions where my soul lives."

William J Tsamis

Τρίτη 4 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

AIR RAID interview - Watch out... Heavy Metal Danger Ahead!

AIR RAID, a brand new Traditional Heavy Metal band from Sweden is ready to take the metal world by storm. This year they released their first EP “Danger Ahead” and at the moment they are finishing their first full-length album, so shortly we are about to witness a pure Heavy Metal attack. In September 16, AIR RAID will also perform in Underground Metal Meeting festival in Athens – Greece, so we took the chance and had a few words with guitarist Andreas Johansson and singer Michalis Rinakakis.

When Air Raid started and what made you create this band?

Andy: Air Raid was formed by me & Johan in early 2009. As we both are old school metal fans, it was obvious for us to have Air Raid in this style.

This year you release your first official material through Stormspell Records, a mini-CD entitled “Danger Ahead”. How did you get in touch with Stormspell, how was the composing procedure and what was your feedback from the fans and press?

Andy: Stormspell was very fast to make an offer and contacted us just after we had recorded our 2-track demo. They have a great reputation in the underground metal world, so we accepted the offer without hesitation. Iordan, the label owner, is just great to work with! I wrote nearly everything on the EP musically, but always with important input from the other guys. Michalis wrote all the lyrics except "The Metal Cult", which I and Michalis wrote together. The feedback has been really great, both fans and reviewers seems to enjoy it very much. 

At the moment you are recording your first full length. Give us all the details on that one.

Andy: We are in a studio called "Deep Blue Studios" in Nyköping, located in the east of Sweden. Also the hometown of our great friends in Steelwing. The producer is Nicko DiMarino, a really awesome guy. The recordings are progressing very well and we can't wait wait to let people hear those songs, as they are our strongest ever.

Do you have a release date and which label will release it?

Andy: No we don't have a release date, but hopefully it will be out this year. We have a couple of interested labels, but nothing is signed yet. 

Which are the best new Heavy Metal bands according to you? 

Andy: There are many good bands but I personally like Steelwing, Skull Fist and Axxion.  
It would be interesting to know how things are in Sweden for traditional Heavy Metal. What kind of help a new band can take and how the people outside metal, the country and the media see Heavy Metal?

Andy: There's a small group of true believers here in sweden and classic metal played by new bands is not very popular. All the new old school bands have their main following outside Sweden, like Germany, Southern Europe, Japan etc. In general, the media thinks that these new old school bands are very outdated, but it's a growing underground movement and hopefully more and more people are starting to rediscover 80's metal and that feels great!

Michalis: It's looking good at the moment! A lot of people seem to be reminiscent of the genre and a number of Swedish bands have already answered the call. As far as getting help goes, it is basically the same as everywhere else... it's mostly up to you. There are ways to get some support but you need to check a lot, find the necessary information and follow it all up until you actually get something out of it... which takes a while. People and the media perceive Classic Heavy Metal as a heavier version of Hard Rock and that helps a few bands get some exposure, on occasion, but nothing extraordinary.

Michalis, how did you joined the band and since when are you in Sweden?

Michalis: I first came to Sweden at the end of May 2009 with the intention of spending the summer in Gothenburg so I could check out the city for a possible continuation of my studies in Acoustics. I liked it a lot here so I decided to stay until the spring of 2010, at which point I had to return to Greece for my army duties. In the autumn of 2010, when being relocated from Cyprus to Crete for my last month of serving, I happened to browse through a Swedish website with band ads and stumbled upon an ad from an 80's heavy metal band looking for a singer in Gothenburg. I contacted them and got an e-mail with an awesome piece of instrumental music which, after a couple of days of writing lyrics and melodies, became "When The Sky Turns Red"! Coming back to Sweden in the winter of 2010, I settled down in Gothenburg and in the beginning of February 2011, I met up with the band and that was basically it... Air Raid was now complete!

By the way, tell us a few words about your other band, Event Horizon X.

Michalis: Event Horizon X is a one-man band forged on Crete in 2002 when I first started turning some of my fiction stories and theories into heavy metal concept albums! After three consequent official releases in 2003 (Fall Of Darkness), 2004 (Along Came The Winter) and 2005 (Far Across The Wasteland) as well as numerous live shows with a few unique live line-ups, I took a break at the end of 2008 to complete my studies in Acoustical Engineering along with everything else that required completion at that time… which brings us to the present day! Already in 2008 I had concluded the first part of my next concept which is called... well, Event Horizon X! I had also, up until that point, composed music for more than five future album releases and now I simply need to find some time for the completion of the eponymous ones... or maybe a couple of singles and EPs instead... who knows?!.. I can just say this: Stay Tuned, Archonians!

In September 16 you are playing live in Greece. Do you give often live shows and what should we expect from you?

Andy: Air Raid has been active since about one year. We have played a couple of gigs in Sweden together, and are already a very tight band. 
You guys can be sure that we'll give you a high energy show! We will also play some songs from our forthcoming album for the first time live!

Which are your expectations and what the future holds for Air Raid?

Michalis: My expectations are quite high! The music we are making just comes naturally and I feel eager to see Classic Heavy Metal resurface with a force similar to that with which it first came to life. The future holds a lot of live shows and a number of releases that will hopefully contribute to the notion that Classic Metal is still alive… and pounding! 

Andy: We can't wait to enter the stage in Athens, it will be just awesome!
Right now we are finalizing our debut-album, and hopefully we will go on tour next year.
Stay Raidin'!

September 16, 2012, 
AIR RAID will play live at the 
Underground Metal Meeting 
at Kyttaro Live Club, Athens - Greece

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