Metal Nerdism

It is widely known that many metal fans (and music enthusiasts, in general) are obsessive with trivia, lists and anything involved with their favourite music and artists. At least I am, and I am sure that few of the people that are visiting this website, are also.

This is your space. A space that will be filled with different kind of articles.

Metal Nerdism Vol. 4: Top-10 Heavy Metal openers.
Picking the ones we consider as favorite, greatest and iconic. The TOP ones according to Crystal Logic - March 2020

Metal Nerdism Vol. 3: Five cases of albums that were not meant to be under that BAND name.
Oh... that name... - March 2020

Metal Nerdism Vol. 2: The Metal Alphabet
One letter, one metal band - January 2020

Metal Nerdism Vol. 1: Albums Vs Mini Albums Vs EPs
The legacy of heavy metal EPs (and mini-albums) - July 2019

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