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BLACK SABBATH - "Sabotage": Heavy, strange, schizophrene and sabotaged (July 28th, 1975)

BLACK SABBATH - "Headless Cross" (April 24th, 1989)

BLACK SABBATH - "Cross Purposes": The story behind and underrated Black Sabbath album and era (January 1994)

CRIMSON GLORY - Beyond the Electric Sky: The story of "Transcendence" and aftermath (November 1988)
"I wanted to write and record music that sounded great in coliseums, not bars. Music that would be at times LARGER than life and DEEPER than the Ocean…" - Jon Drenning (November 2018)

IOMMI - "The DEP Sessions" (September 28th, 2004)

IRON MAIDEN - "Somewhere in Time" (September 29th, 1986)

OZZY OSBOURNE - "Blizzard of Ozz" (September 20th, 1980)

OZZY OSBOURNE - "Diary of a Madman" (November 7th, 1981)

OZZY OSBOURNE - "No Rest for the Wicked" (September 28th, 1988)

OZZY OSBOURNE - "No More Tears" (September 17th, 1991)

RAINBOW - "Rising" (May 17th, 1976)

RUNNING WILD - "Death or Glory" (November 8th, 1989)
"I am very proud that I was an important part of the history of Running Wild and we were definitely some pioneers of the German Metal history." - Jens Becker (November 2019)

SAVATAGE - "Hall of the Mountain King" (September 28th, 1986)
"Never give up on what you believe in and do not be afraid to struggle and suffer through the tough times because quitters never win and winners never quit" - Johnny Lee Middleton (September 2017)

Music Articles :   

Scald in Greece (11th to 15th of March, 2020) during the Coronavirus Apocalypse.
A story told by Velingor.
April 2020

Doomicus Metallicus: The Chronicles of Doom Metal - 13 Chapters of Sorrow.

Sabbathian Magick. Clean vocals. Slow suffering and sorrow. Sorcery and pain. Heaviness and Metal. The power of The Riff. These are the chronicles of Doom Metal and Epic Doom Metal.

Adding detail to the chronicles, you will read new comments, stories and memories, insights and mini interviews by Tom Phillips (WHILE HEAVEN WEPT), Tom Björn (MEMORY GARDEN), Gerrit P. Mutz (DAWN OF WINTER), Ilia "Velingor" Timashev (SCALD), Kimi Kärki (REVEREND BIZARRE, LORD VICAR), Father Alex (THE TEMPLE), Michael Stavrakakis (DOOMOCRACY), Chad Davis (HOUR OF 13, THE SABBATHIAN), Howie Bentley (BRITON RITES), Steve Jansson (CRYPT SERMON) and a few more.
April 2020

The albums we enjoyed most in 2019... And beyond.
January 2020

Tony Martin & The Alliance: The chapter before Black Sabbath.
October 2019

Eric Clayton & The Nine: The Man, the Scars, the Band and the live show in Athens.
October 2019

The Oath can't be broken: The legacy of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.
"Mercyful Fate and King Diamond didn't inspire generations of young people to grab an instrument and play music, just like the major acts of hard rock and heavy metal music. Mercyful Fate and King Diamond inspired thoughtful people and young musicians to play better heavy metal music."
September 2019

Synthetic minds, editing and false data.
August 2019

Doom over the world... from bands that are not doom metal!
June 2019

True Norwegian Black Metal, Arson, Murder and the Lords of Chaos.
Part I : Prologue - The Dawn of The Black Hearts.
March 2019

Love Music - PledgeMusic. A marketplace connecting artists and fans, falling apart.
February 2019

Tony Iommi and the Hand of Doom - One riff to rule them all
A tribute to the legacy and riffs of Tony Iommi with exclusive contributions by Leif Edling (Candlemass), John Perez (Solitude Aeturnus), Vorskaath (Zemial, Agatus), Anders Engberg (Sorcerer), Kimi Karki (Lord Vicar, Reverend Bizarre) and more...
February 2019

The albums we enjoyed most in 2018... And beyond.
January 2019

Morality and inexplicable changes in music industry.
March 2018

Black Sabbath: Demonic riffing & birth of heaviness - What is this that stands before me?
February 2018

The albums we enjoyed most in 2017
January 2018

Martin Eric Ain - A rebel life in darkness, art and glamor.
October 2017

The metal albums we enjoyed most in 2016
January 2017

Warlord, The Holy Empire and the redefinition of Epic Metal
March 2013

One more Heavy Metal week - Chapter II: Tony Martin & Accept
A day with Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) - October 2012

One more Heavy Metal week - Chapter I: Manilla Road
Shark, Manilla Road, Hammers and Wine - October 2012

Who Cares?
Written in Greek - June 2011
Tony Iommi / Ian Gillan

Flaming Metal System
Written in Greek - Posted May 2011, originally written for
Cloak & Dagger 'zine - March 2011
History of Heavy Metal by the own words of Mark Shelton, Mark Zonder, Kenny Powell, Jack Starr, Joey Vera, Devon Graves, Jeff Lords, Robert Garven, Ron Jarzombek and more...

Film Articles :

All cine articles are written in Greek:

Dogme 95 Manifesto

Deconstructing Brando

Beyond Mulholland Drive

Ο κινηματογράφος ως μορφή τέχνης: Πολιτισμός - Χάος & Τάξη

Για περισσότερα κινηματογραφικά κείμενα και άρθρα, επισκεφθείτε το tetarto.


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Συνέντευξη HEAVY LOAD (Styrbjorn Wahlquist)
Έρευνα - Επικοινωνία - Μετάφραση: Σάκης Φράγκος (Rock Hard GR)
Ερωτήσεις: Ανδρέας Ανδρέου
Published for the first time: March 2016


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