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DAWNBRINGER Interview with Chris Black - Metal for Independents…

DAWNBRINGER is a unique genuine Heavy Metal band located in Chicago, Illinois. A mysterious aura covers the band that stays loyal and true to the path charted years before. Their latest effort is called “Into the Lair of the Sun God” and Crystal Logic took the opportunity to talk with Chris Black

Professor, give us the date of creation, where and how the Dawn was brought to us.

I started writing this music in 1995, but the first release was in 1996. Many, many years ago, in any case. I simply wanted to record and release my own music, so I created these opportunities for myself.

From your first album to the latest opus, your musical style has schizophrenic forms. Where do you place Dawnbringer, how would you describe your music and which are the influences of the band?
I am influenced by heavy metal in all of its forms. Your friend is the same man whether he is dressed in rags or in an expensive suit. Likewise his surroundings do not matter, be it a crowded street or an empty house. He is still the same man, heavy metal is still heavy metal. You still recognize a friend.

Where this music evolution will lead and what really is the essence of Dawnbringer?
Again I can refer only to heavy metal. I am not trying to be flippant or dramatic, it's really that simple to me. Where this will lead, I do not know. The essence of Dawnbringer is to make albums. There aren't boundaries or plans beyond that.

From your past releases, what each one means for you?
Sacrament (1996) - This is essentially Dawnbringer's demo and easily the most experimental in terms of the different things we attempted. It does not have a lot of personal significance to me now, although of course it did at the time, although that didn't last long as the Unbleed writing and recording came up very quickly. It took me nearly 15 years to sell 500 copies of this one.

Unbleed (1997) - A very significant album in my personal history. Here we accomplished what I set out to do, which was make a thrilling, fast, melodic heavy metal album. It's very rough around the edges, but at the same time it has a vibrant energy that is authentic. The kind of album that can only be made by teenagers - indeed I was 18 when I wrote it and barely 19 when it was recorded. It was never mastered, and that will make a huge difference if we get around to doing it for a reissue or something.

Catharsis Instinct (2000) - Written in 1998 but not completed until 2000, this is Unbleed's somewhat malformed brother. Many people prefer it, but by comparison I think it is awkward and a bit underwhelming. It sounds to me like I wasn't sure where to go with the songwriting, and there is too much repetition of the lyrical themes as well. The acoustic guitars are this album's strongest element in my opinion, and I love the closing track "DNA".

In Sickness and In Dreams (2006) - This was actually written during a two-week period in 2003, then recorded gradually from December 2004 through 2005. The album form (14 songs in 24 minutes) was very much influenced by the band Zeke. In the long run this may be my favourite Dawnbringer album. It is our "thin green line in darkness". I also stopped using my pseudonym at this time, and the album cover is part of that step.

Nucleus (2010) - Our "breakthrough" album (at least so far), written very quickly and recorded even more quickly. Originally it was supposed to be a palindrome, and the first three tracks were written with this concept in mind. That approach soon became untenable, so instead we have 8 songs in various styles and the closing piece "Pendulum", which is in fact a palindrome. In some ways this album felt too easy, like it just came out of me without much thought or effort. There was a concept behind it, but I didn't press hard enough, so in the end, it's mostly about my alcohol problem which was really out of control at the time. I got sober about a month after the recording, so it was in some ways a cleansing experience for me. I don't think that's apparent from listening to it, but it's very much part of my connection (or lack of connection) with the album.

There is also an album from 1999 called "Snake" which has yet to be recorded. It is very progressive and bombastic, a bit like an opera. I still hope to record it sometime in the future.

You recently release your fifth full-length album “Into the Lair of the Sun God” from Profound Lore Records, an original recording with personality and uniqueness. Which was the writing and recording process of this material?

Ah, technically it is the sixth album as I do count "Snake" in the progression. But of course you had no way to know. I started writing last summer (2011) and then stopped to work on some other projects. Once those were out of the way, I picked up the writing again around December and January, and recorded in February of this year.


Which is the concept behind “Into the Lair of the Sun God”?

It's a story about a young warrior who cannot find a quest, so he invents
one for himself, yet still fails!

Do your lyrics affect your musical direction? Do you write separate from
the music?
For this album the story and the music were written simultaneously. The actual lyrics came later, but I was thinking in terms of a comic book or graphic novel. Each change in the music represents a new frame or image in the story. With each riff I knew what would be happening in the narrative.

I know that you write music from the heart and probably you don’t care about trends, but what do you expect from the music industry? Or, what would you want to succeed?

I want myself and my friends to succeed and that is what I am working for. More broadly I want to see music and sports change places in our culture.

How easy or difficult are things nowadays in the States regarding Heavy
Generally speaking, making art is a difficult profession.

Do you have any plans about live shows? For many years you didn’t play gigs, right?
We have played twice in the late 1990s, then once in 2010, then once again this past Saturday! So now we have a total of 4 shows in our history. We would be happy to play more often. We feel the line-up and songs are working very well.

You sing and play everything except guitars in Dawnbringer. You also play drums in Pharaoh, you play bass and sing in High Spirits, same for Superchrist, and you were also member of Nachtmystium for some time. Plus, you also run an independent record label. How do you manage to deal with all these?
I don't know! If I stop to think about it, I get overwhelmed! It helps that I don't drink, don't watch TV, and don't have a "normal" job. Still, I need a break sometimes, and it can be hard to do that. There is always a new project on the horizon. Right now I am writing new songs and trying to rest.

So, what Metal stands for you?
Almost everything, right?

Thanks Chris. Keep up the great job!
Thank you as well, and you too keep up the great work! I wanted to release Randy on my label, seems like you guys were working a bit faster! Hahaha!


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